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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Lazy Day After

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas. The plan was to write last night but I was too tired. We were up early for church and then stopped at mom and dad's to do gifts. Then home to get the house ready. We had 17 for dinner - thanks Aunt Rene and Aunt Barb for cooking. The food was awesome.
Yes, Aunt Barb is wearing a hat, scarf and oven mitts. It isn't Christmas without a game. Most years everyone brings a gift (divided into men and women) and the first person takes a gift. The second can take from the pile or steal. We had fewer people coming this year so we decided to do something different. And if you've come to Camp, you know that Beth loves a new game.

Dad came home from work a few weeks ago and asked Beth to make 8-10 boxes that fit one into the next. Linda from his office needed them for her Christmas game. Beth decided we were going to do that. She cut down boxes so that we had 12 that fit. The smallest was a wrapped gift card. Then it went into a wrapped box. Into another wrapped box..... Everyone sat in a circle and we had dice. We didn't want them flying around the room so Beth put them into the lid of a puzzle box. If you rolled doubles you got to work on the present. But first you had to put on the hat, scarf and oven mitts. Then you could start getting the paper off. When the paper was off you had to get the box open (of course they were gently taped closed) and then start on the paper on the next box. The dice are still going around and the next player who rolls doubles jumps in. It happened quite a few times that you got on the hat, scarf and oven mitts and were about to go at the box when the next doubles were rolled. We had many, many laughs. Seriously funny game. I'm pretty sure we will be doing it next Christmas.

There has been lots of knitting today. I keep thinking that I'll be back at work tomorrow but I have another day off. I hope to be finished the first two balls before we open the store on Monday.

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Lois Evensen said...

It sounds like a fun game - requiring a great deal of patience and skill. OK, ability to do things wearing mittens! ;) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!