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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

December Dream Club

I couldn't stop myself. I cast on Lorenzo's Leisure (a free pattern on Ravelry) last night with the December Dream Club yarn. My reasoning - I needed to try Canyon from Dream in Color. The yarn is yummy to knit with. I will need to do a sweater in the new year.
I chose the shorter cowl - I wanted to get as much knit last night as possible so that I could show pictures today.

I learned something new from this as well. My mom taught me to knit when I was young and I have never had a knitting lesson. Most of what I know is from trial and error. I have knit in the round forever and here is a great new way to join.
Being careful that the sts are not twisted, pass the first CO (cast on) st to the left needle, then bring the working yarn to the back between the needles and pass the first CO st back to the right hand needle. You have now joined in the round.
There is one thing that I added to the designers instructions. After I cast on the stitches I turned the work. Then I was ready to join. This is the only way you can pass the first cast on stitch to the left needle. I described the instructions to Lynn this morning and she commented that it is like a wrap and turn.
Thanks Jimmy for teaching me something new. There is no gap at the join. Normally I use my cast on tail to make the join look neat. I don't need to do that now.

I spent the afternoon visiting my dentist. 45 minutes for a cleaning and then I had to have fillings replaced. I wish there was some way that I could knit while sitting in the chair. A real waste of time.

Watch an episode of Survivor and you can get a lot of knitting accomplished.
I have a fresh cup of tea and will get a few rows knit before bed. I love a quick project.

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