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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Vegas Day One

The flight to Vegas was very good. No one sat beside me so I could spread out and knit. We landed at 11pm Vegas time which is 2am at home. I was very tired and went to bed. The morning started with breakfast at The Pantry. A new restaurant in the Mirage.
Who wouldn't love gardens that looked like this? These are real plants inside the Mirage.

After breakfast I headed over to the Fashion Show Mall. I needed a new pair of shoes. My converse had an accident at Camp so now I have a black pair and a denim pair. Two pairs were heavy and it's a long walk from the back of the mall back to the Mirage. I sent a text to Beth telling her that next time she is coming with me - I missed my shopping sherpa.

There was a short afternoon nap and now I'm heading out again. The Internet here is very slow so I'm going to stop adding pictures or this many never publish.

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