Monday, September 07, 2015


It's a holiday Monday and we need to keep my dad busy. He can't sit around with nothing to do. We asked him to come over and start hanging our pictures. Last night Beth and I laid out these little ones to get an interesting order for putting them on the wall.

If you are wondering about the sock in the middle of the floor. Melo loves socks. He carries them around. He doesn't chew on them. Just likes them in his mouth. Then he drops them and finds others. He is not allowed to touch the hand knit socks. Just the bargain 6 pairs for $10 socks.

The powder room is nice and bright.

There wasn't a post yesterday because I was very busy working on a new project. It is almost finished and I should get it done this afternoon while watching the Ticats and Jays games. Pictures tomorrow. Then I have a few hours of work on the last things for the Fair.

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