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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Log Cabin

The new colours of Noro Kureyon inspired me to find my squares and start working on the Log Cabin Afghan again. 8 and a half finished. Sixteen and a half to go. While I was searching for squares I found a part ball of Noro that wasn't Kureyon. Then I remembered it was from a cardigan that I had knit. I rooted through a few boxes and there it was. Something I could have been wearing all summer. Note to self. Next week I really need to finish unpacking. With the packing and unpacking for store events lately I haven't had the energy or desire to unpack here.
Beth had to take the dogs bed from my parents and bring it to our house. We've had a small problem here lately. The dogs think that the couch is a really big dog bed. The other night Beth sat in a chair because they were not moving.

They had their hair cut last week and it's almost impossible to tell the difference unless they are standing side by side.
I was going to write earlier but got caught up in the Jays game. Now it's time for Survivor so my post is going to be short. Currently I'm knitting on three things but two are needed for the Fleece Festival so I think that the log cabin squares need to be put in a basket for now. It's sad to put away the fun colours but they can come back out to play in a few weeks.

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