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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Holiday Weekend Knitting

My secret project. I knit Auburn Wave in tosh ASAP on 15mm needles. Yes, there were a few changes to the pattern - minor ones. I eliminated a few rows. My shawl took 2.5 balls. Talk about a quick project. If I had really tried I could have finished it on Sunday. One day for a shawl. Awesome!! I think there could be another one in my future once Camp is finished.

Dream in Color Classy with Cashmere knit into a great cowl. This took two balls on 5.5mm needles. Some of you might think that the pattern looks familiar :) It's the Technicolor Cowl.

Beth knit Jet-Setter in double strand Misti Chunky on 12mm needles. She thinks she would use 10mm if she was to make another. Any why wouldn't she? It looks great and knit up in an evening.

Beth is chomping at the bit for me to hurry up. America's Got Talent is on. I've been doing the last minute printing for the weekend and getting ready for Camp.

Boxes are being filled in the store. We have to be careful though. Some boxes are for the Fair and some are being shipped to Camp on Monday. I'm not sure if packing for two events at once makes life easier or harder.

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