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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Super Quick Project

I started a quick project yesterday afternoon. The back is finished and the front has been cast on. You gotta love knitting with 12mm needles. I hope to finish while watching Big Brother and Beach Flip tonight.

What am I making? It is a vest from Debbie Bliss' new book for Lara.
The yarn is 58% wool and 42% alpaca. Super soft and it isn't heavy.

Seeing the yarn knit up on my knitting chair makes me think that I might need to do a throw in it.

We brought out the iRobot today to try it out. It is amazing to watch it go. You would think it was drunk the way it moves around the room but it ends up in every corner. Roko's spot is against the island, under our chairs. At first he was afraid of the vacuum but after a bit he didn't care. Until it touched him on the paw. If looks could kill!
We sweep and sweep the tile floor but the iRobot really picked up the dog hair. I'm going to try in upstairs on the carpet tomorrow while I'm at home working.

Now back to my knitting. I'd like to be sewing together tomorrow - two shoulder seams and two side seams. No picking up for armbands or a neck band. It really doesn't get any better than that.

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