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Friday, August 21, 2015

It's Here

The new colours of madelinetosh are in the store.
This is just small amount of what came in today. Above is vintage and merino. Below is ASAP.

I started looking on Ravelry for things to knit in ASAP. I'm very attached to my large needles right now. Joji recently published a very cool sweater pattern in ASAP.

Holi Party takes 4-8 skeins and we received the colour Holi Festival in the shipment.

The Silk/Merino is amazing. Super soft with a beautiful sheen.

I did not take anything home with me. It was really hard. The colours are amazing. I'm going to finish my Blue Sky Bulky Vest and then I'll decide what is next. That could change tomorrow though when I get back to work. Holi Party is calling my name. Another sweater that would look great in the Camp Fashion Show.

I can't tell you anything about what is coming (yet) but we are participating in the 2015/2016 Dream Club from Dream in Color. The first pattern will be released on September 1. More details pretty soon because September is almost here.

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