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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Four Weeks

Lynn thought she was being funny today when she said 'It's only 5 weeks until Camp'. That means 4 weeks until the Knitters' Fair. Oh my goodness. I haven't even planned the booth yet. HELP!!!

Beth finished her Fernanda Circular Scarf and now it's my job to block it. The colours are so much fun. We decided that we aren't going to sew it into a cowl. Instead we are going to leave it as a scarf and add an amazing shawl pin.
I took the picture on our new deck. The base is finished, now we need railings. We have our patio furniture strategically placed so that the dogs don't jump off to visit the neighbours. The lawns have been sodded and people are out watering. Melo and Roko like to go visit.
Now it's time for The Amazing Race Canada and MasterChef. We didn't make it to them last night because I needed to be in bed somewhat early. I was in the store at 7:30 this morning to meet my dad and the plumber. There was a toilet issue but it's all fixed. I'm happy about that but it made for a long day. It's time to sit quietly with my yarn and needles and a cup of tea. There are only 5 weeks until Camp and I am supposed to have a sample knit for the fashion show.

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