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Friday, August 28, 2015

Fave Sock

We have yarn coming from the US late next week. Fave Sock from Fiberstory. I'm not sure what grabbed me first in Sarah's booth. It could have been the colours of her sock yarn which are amazing.
A 100% SUPERWASH merino, springy 2 ply with a tight twist and the look of a cabled yarn.
366m / 400 yards
100 gram skein

This is just a small sample of the great colours that are coming.

Or it could have been the gradient kits.

7 skeins of fingering weight (100% superwash merino) for a total of 510m (560 yards).

The back and one sleeve is finished on Holi Party. I was tired after work so I didn't even bring it home. I'll try and finish it tomorrow.
It's going to be an early evening. Living in a construction zone takes a toll on you. The noise starts at 7am sharp. You're awake even if you want to sleep longer.


Donna Burton said...

Hard to tell from my screen, any of the gradients purple?

Julie said...

Hi Donna - the last picture on the right - it is plums and rose.