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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Eccentric Chevron

Mr. Canada Post dropped off a box this morning from Lynda. The Eccentric Chevron Wrap is amazing! You are cutting the yarn each row and tying the ends together, creating fringe as you work. The striping pattern is up to you.
Designed to dip gracefully in the back, the Prism Eccentric Chevron Wrap sits comfortably on your shoulders. The graphic interest comes from unbalanced, or eccentric chevrons: one leg is much longer than the other, which skews the fabric off-center. By mirroring the stitches at center back, a dip is formed naturally.
It was hard to show how the pattern skews so I put the shawl on the fence. The part over the fence is the center fold - and it is straight.

The yarn is Merino Mia. From Laura Bryant (the designer of the wrap and dyer of the yarn)
A work horse yarn that is beautifully twisted, soft, easy to knit, has a lovely sheen and takes our vibrant, clear colors extremely well.
I totally forgot that Mr. UPS was coming by today. 2 boxes from Dream in Color.
Baby Tulip kits are back in stock. This cute cardigan is knit on circular needles from the top down. The kit goes up to 18 months.

And there was another surprise in the box. I knew that we were getting Jilly with Cashmere but I didn't know that we were getting new colours of Everlasting Sock.
With its distinctive multi-ply construction and smooth twist, this base provides the ideal canvas for our vibrant, subtly layered colors. A unique dyeing process was developed especially for the Everlasting bases, which gives Everlasting Sock its deep and lushly shaded tones. Knitted at a firmer gauge, this yarn forms a dense and hardwearing fabric that’s perfect for socks and cold weather accessories, while knitting at a looser gauge yields a fabric with sensational softness and drape.

100% superwash merino wool
100 g & 420 yds.
7.5 – 9 sts per inch
U.S. 0 to 2 needles
Dream On
Get Down Greeny
Hey Sunshine!
Hot Pants
Mod Squad
Slammin Lemon
Way Cool Cristal

It's time to sign off. A very busy TV evening. 4 shows are taping and the Blue Jay game is on. They are playing very exciting baseball right now.

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