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Monday, July 06, 2015

Thinking about packing

My Magmatic Boom is growing. I think it might go to Myrtle Beach with me but that could change when I pack tomorrow night or Wednesday morning.

Yell by Gemma Atkinson from Rowan Magazine #58
Colourspun and Felted Tweed
Alderney from Martin Storey knit in Alpaca Colour.

Every time I post pictures from the new magazine, I get more excited about seeing it.

Mom and dad flew home from Seattle yesterday afternoon. I was a bit early getting to the airport so I went for a drive. Small problem - I needed a washroom. Thankfully a Coffee Time came into view. As I was getting out of the car something big and loud went over me. I was at the end of the runway. I love planes and watching them. I sent a text to Beth that they were over my head and she didn't really believe me. After I sent her a picture she believed me. The planes were really close.
This Air Canada plane went overhead and it was actually mom and dad arriving home. Just after it went by Beth sent a text that they had landed. Very cool.

It was a crazy busy day getting ready to go which means it is bed time. The sun comes up early.

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Lois Evensen said...

Love that green piece you're working on! We aren't thinking about packing, we are packing for another ten weeks at sea. Of course, I have a whole suitcase of yarn packed. ;)