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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Beth spent a few minutes on Ravelry last night and couldn't decide what to knit in the Freia Bulky. I suggested the Fernanda Circular Scarf.

From the designer Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton
This scarf is a simple yet dramatic way to add interest to your outfit whether worn around your shoulders over a turtleneck or as outerwear.
The Super Bulky from Freia Yarns is perfect for showcasing my DropStitch Openwork™ technique!
It's a cool technique to make the squares. There were a few 'issues' at the start. One was that Beth and I were reading the pattern wrong. If one line had been added to the instructions, it would have saved taking back stitches. I have emailed the designer about this as well as what I think is a typo. The **** to show a repeat should have been moved up one line in the pattern. Beth is still new so she follows the pattern exactly as it says. I'm trying to get her to work a bit more intuitively - if you think it should be done one way then you could be right - go with your gut.

I opened my knitting bag this morning and Lynn spotted my Stuff cowl. She pulled it out and tried it on. She didn't pull any further for fear of taking the stitches off my needles. I wasn't sure if it would fit nicely over the shoulders should you choose to wear it this way, but it will.

I finished my accounting this morning so now I can get back to knitting. You don't want to keep the tax man waiting.

I just talked with the Rowan supplier and I was wrong on the date for the new magazine. I thought it was going to be here on August 1 to sell. It is being shipped from the US on Tuesday and we should have it late Friday afternoon. I will update as the boxes get closer to Canada.

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