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Friday, July 10, 2015

A long time ago

We didn't end up going to Charleston today. It is really hot here and we were afraid that we would drive 2 hours and then someone might not feel good (that someone being me - this heat brings on migraines) and it's a long drive home with someone who is sick. We got up and headed to Broadway at the Beach.

There was also a stop at the golf store.
The purple box is mine. Golf balls. No they aren't purple - that would be awesome. They are white but the numbers on them are purple. Beth got golf shoes which happen to be purple. The other balls and head cover are Beth's. Yes, we had fun shopping.
There is a new wax museum in Myrtle Beach. We didn't go but they did a lot of work on the building so I'm assuming that they must have lots inside to see.
It was really hot walking around so we came home for a bit of air conditioning before heading out again. There is a Love Boat marathon on. Perfect for knitting :) Not a lot of thinking required to figure out the plot. It's hard to believe that this episode is from 1979. That is a long time ago.

We're home from dinner (River City Cafe in Murrell's Inlet)...

...and watched the opening ceremonies of the Pan Am Games. 

I made it to the third colour of my shawl. This is a green blue mixture. The lighting here isn't great so I'll get better pictures tomorrow.
It's bed time. We were up very late last night and out of bed early this morning. My eyes are really tired and I'm afraid that there could be a knitting error.

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Lois Evensen said...

What a busy day. It's fun to go along to see what's your doing and making.

I had to laugh at the Love Boat screen shot. We're on our way back to sea for ten weeks again starting tomorrow. It is funny how many people still think cruising is the same as Love Boat. Those days are long gone, but it's so much better now!

Oh, yes, I have a whole suitcase packed with knitting supplies. I'll be busy knitting and blogging. Of course, my blog lags real time while we travel.