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Monday, March 09, 2015

Weekend Knitting

There was some knitting accomplished over the weekend. It was nice being able to take my friend outside for pictures. Sunshine! It added a touch of a glare to the photos but it was so good to be outside taking pictures that I don't care.

Beth played with really thick yarn and big needles.
Each project took one ball of Freia Bulky (coming later this month - in time for us to take it to the Frolic). The cowl is knit on 15mm needles and the hat is knit on 10mm needles.
We are going to ask Cathy to make the pom pom for the top. She makes really good pom poms :)

Sometimes it is hard to see how the colours are going to knit when the yarn is in the ball. That is my excuse for knitting more scarves with Santorini.

This is one ball of colour 2125. Why just one ball? You might not know but a lot of yarn comes packed with 10 balls in a bag. The Santorini scarf takes 3 balls. The shawl takes 9 balls. If I used 3 for a scarf then that messes up the numbers. Now we have a swatch that really shows how this colour is going to knit up.

This is colour 2189 and it will be a full scarf. Classic Elite lets us buy kits before the yarn is released to make a sample because they know that samples sell yarn. Unfortunately I didn't get the sample done before the yarn arrived but it will be done soon.

Here is colour 2188 on a mannequin. Lynn sewed all the ends in and it looks great.

I spent some time at the dentist today. It's time to take out some fillings and replace them. YUCK!! There is nothing good to say about this. And it gets worse. I need to go back on Thursday to have more done. DOUBLE YUCK!! The good news about it. I don't feel up to paperwork so I'm going to knit.

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