Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Flags

While I was in Myrtle Beach, dad and I went flag shopping. He found that the best place to go is the flea market. They have a huge selection at great prices. Now we are ready for Easter.

Cathy stopped by today with her Naushon Scarf. I love this colourway. We will be bringing Santorini to the Frolic. The display is going to be awesome with lots of garments.

Our house is almost ready. The one thing we have been waiting for is the stone on the fireplace. It's finally there and should be installed tomorrow. Actually, boxes were there on Monday. Beth took a peek and it was wrong. She called the builder and they were very thankful that it was caught before the fireplace was finished. That would have been a lot of work to change it. And Beth would have made them change it because she was dead set against the other stone.
I'm working like crazy on Ley Lines. Fingers crossed it will be finished tonight. Two hours of Survivor and then CSI: Cyber.

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