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Friday, March 06, 2015

Happy and Cheerful

We've been rearranging the store. Almost all the spring yarns live together in the front room now. It's a very happy, cheerful display.

Cathy dropped by earlier today with her Naushon Scarf knit in Santorini.
Cathy barely had it out of her bag before Lynn had it around her neck. This is colour 2148.

I thought I was going to get further on mine last night. We had Aunt Barb's lasagna for dinner and invited friends to join us. Unfortunately they didn't know when to go home :) I finally had to kick them out and then sat down to knit. It was after 1pm by the time my first scarf was finished and this one was started. Luckily the store doesn't open until noon on Fridays so I could sleep in.

A sneak peek at the colours of Classy Mini Skeins coming next week from Dream in Color. We are going to have fun making kits.

The Amazing Race just finished and I have a few comments

-the nurse just goes on and on and on. The doctor is going to turn on her soon.
-read your clue.
-why would you wait all night in the airport for the ticket counter to open? Go to an Internet cafe and find flights and then you can be at the right ticket counter when the airport opens.

Now it's time for sleep. If I start knitting it could be one in the morning again before I head to bed.

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Wannietta Kirkpatrick said...

Really looking forward to getting my fingers in this yarn!!