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Monday, March 02, 2015

Almost 10

I was looking up something on my blog and ended up back in November 2005. Look at these pictures.
Melo at 6 months old. He was such a cute little boy. I emailed the pictures to Beth and she wrote back that she can't believe he's almost 10. We keep thinking he's only 8.
He still sits and lies like this. And he is the happiest when he has something in his mouth. A toy is good but a sock will work. He doesn't chew them. Just walks around with them.

We unpacked a box from Bonnie Bishoff this morning. I love getting new shawl pins.
Simple and elegant these stick pins are a lovely solution for closure or decoration. The stem's wavy design holds the pins in place through several layers of fabric. They are lightweight and work well with fine fabrics as well as heavy garments.

Cathy has converted someone else into a Technicolor Cowl knitter. Here is Lynn's finished project.
The same cowl but flipped over so the right side becomes the wrong side. The colours look totally different. So much so that you might think it is two different cowls.

The same happens when you double over the cowl.

I'm waiting for the Big Break to start and couldn't find anything to put on while I was writing. Then I saw The Bachelor: Women Tell All. The drama is great. I didn't watch this season so I don't know the women but I have to keep watching to see the yelling and screaming and name calling. It's on commercial right now so I'm finishing quickly before the yelling starts again. Then it's time to knit.

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Heather said...

And the crying, don't forget the crying. So ridiculous.