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Friday, May 23, 2014

Secret Project

My secret project. I can't tell you the pattern yet. Or the designer. Or the yarn. I will tell you that it is a Kimono Jacket and this is the first sleeve. The ribbing is on 3.25mm needles and the body is on 4mm.
I'm planning on going home and knitting many hours tonight. Right now you can't see where the pattern is going but I think that you will be impressed when I get further in. I gasped when I saw a picture of the finished jacket.

Mr. Canada Post delivered our Woolbuddy kits this morning.
Are you a fan of the lovable and fantastical Woolbuddys? Well, this is your chance to try making one of your very own! This Woolbuddy kit comes with all the supplies you will need to make your own handmade cutie. Happy Needle Felting!
This Kit Includes:
  • 2 Felting Needles
  • Felting Wool
  • Step-by-Step Instructions with Photos

We also received kits for

  • angler fish
  • shark
  • hippo
  • zebra
  • giraffe
  • fox
  • alligator

The kits retail for $25.

Mrs. Crosby made a quick stop at the store earlier today and delivered a trunk full of yarn.

The biggest decision tonight. Catch up on The Blacklist or Grey's Anatomy?

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