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Monday, May 26, 2014

Properly read the pattern

So now that my really big swatch is done, I'm going to start on my jacket. Read the pattern!! That is my suggestion for the day. 4 days of knitting. Gone. Ugh!!
The red colour at the bottom is correct. The beige colour at the top is correct. The brown colour in the middle is wrong. I was supposed to use a colour number ending in 1 but I took the colour ending in 2. I read the pattern many times and kept reading it as 2. I didn't look at the picture of the finished jacket until the sleeve was done. Another dumb mistake. Maybe I could have caught my error much sooner.

I thought that I could leave it and that I would still love the jacket. I don't think so. I spent time looking at the picture of the original last night and I'm going to start again. That was the first problem. The second was that I was supposed to use 3.25mm needles for the rib. Nope. I used 3.75mm. I figured that out when I went to cast on again last night. I don't have the right size needles. I've been to the store today and now I have all my supplies.

Now the positive. My jacket will not be in the store at all times so now we will be able to show off the yarn with my swatch. The next time someone asks if I swatch, I can honestly say yes. :) Some people might like my new version better than the original. I think that I would really like it too if I didn't know how the other colour looks.

It's time to suck it up and cast on again. New Master Chef. New Bachelorette. The finale of American Dream Builders from last night. I'll be up for a while.

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