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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ordering Yarn

Today was my first appointment to order yarn for fall.
Today's rep was John from Estelle Designs. He has been my rep for 27 years. I guess you could say that we've grown up together.

Here's a bit of a look into how a sales call goes.

The reps come in with a suitcase or two full of many books of shade cards, sample balls and sometimes swatches or garments knit with the yarn. There can be pattern books as well.

There are yarns that I don't look at. If I looked at everything the rep would be in the store all day and I get bored after about an hour and a half. I usually know right away if I like the yarn or not.

If it's a yes then we write it down. If it's a no then it goes back in the bag. Sometimes a yarn is a maybe so it gets set aside and I look at it at the end of the sales call.

I don't always make the right decision. If the yarn is a bust it will end up at the tent sale. If customers come in asking for things that I don't have then I will order it mid season. There is no exact science to the process. Just a gut feeling.

Since John and I have known each other for so long there is a 15 minute talk about our families. The good, the bad and the ugly of what is going on in our lives. Travel plans. Big purchases. Shoes....

A new super, super bulky yarn that I ordered for fall. There are 20 yards on a 200 gram skein. I'll be ordering in 25mm needles for the yarn.

Mr. DHL brought in a big box of Colinette throw kits today. The tonal kits are beautiful.
My dad had to go to a work related dinner tonight and my mom wasn't feeling up to going so Beth volunteered to go with him. It's me and the dogs and a hockey game. I hope that the storm stays away until she gets home. It wasn't a good night last night. Melo was standing on top of me at 12:30. I was really mad at him because he woke me from a deep sleep. I took him out (he had to go) and then I saw the lightening. Then the thunder started. He was shaking so we put his thunder coat on but it was too late. Roko decided he wanted in on the action and started shaking too. Beth took both of them downstairs and tried to sleep there. It took a bit but she finally got them calmed down. Needless to say I'm a bit tired. Once the game is over I have a date with my bed.

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