Friday, May 02, 2014

Men at Work

Josh Bennett was working very hard in the Rowan booth today.

I couldn't get pictures that showed well during the fashion show but I can tell you that there were two amazing garments from Rowan. I can't wait to see them up close tomorrow.
This is the Lorna's Laces booth in progress. Beth's husband Michael was putting together kit boxes.
This is just one of the new colours.
Beth got up before the fashion show to talk about The Quest. She is in a hard hat and construction vest. Everyone will be able to find her during the weekend.

Today was very long so we're up in the room waiting for room service. In the good old days we would have been getting dressed for a night on the town. There will be lots more pictures tomorrow.  Lots :)


Irene said...

the good old days...

Anne Featonby said...


Any Josh sweaters?