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Friday, May 09, 2014

Don't tell Fiona

I have her sweater. She knit a beautiful cabled sweater for Mrs. Crosby and the show last weekend and at the end of the show Mrs. Crosby asked me to bring it home to Fiona. I thought that I would keep it on display for a bit before I let her know. :) Just joking -  she knows and is picking it up tomorrow.

The pattern isn't available yet but should be on Ravelry in a few weeks.

Fiona loves I-Cords. This detail is on the bottom front of the sweater and on one sleeve.

The yarn is Steamer Trunk and shows of the cables really well. Has me thinking....

Colinette has added new colourways to her Arizona Dream kit.
We've seen what you can do with the beautiful colors, textures, and patterns available in our previous kits, and your capacity for artistic growth has motivated us to keep you inspired. The Arizona Dream Kit offered in 29 visually delicious and diverse pallets is constantly unfolding with options and possibility. Included in the scrumptious wrapping are five fresh, inviting designs, from which you can construct one throw or create two completely different wraps; one to keep and one to gift. Once you purchase a kit, entirely new patterns will be made available to you each season to add to your personal pattern gallery at no cost. The possible combinations of color and design are limitless...
These new colourways are tonal. Shades of cream.
 This picture is coming out very pink but it is really a dark purple.
 Soft pinks.

Windward is growing. I'm not a sparkly person but I like the glitter in the yarn. I would have liked to get a picture outside but when I thought about it the rain had started. The white in the picture isn't really that white. It's more of a cream. There should be lots of knitting this weekend while we try to catch up on TV. There are two episodes of The Blacklist and Grey's Anatomy to watch.

Roko and Melo had a very good day yesterday. Beth took them to the dog park. It was their first time there since last summer when Roko tore his first ACL. Beth said that Roko cried the whole time. Not from pain but because he was so happy to be there. Both dogs were very tired last night. They haven't had too much exercise this winter.

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