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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chenille - New from Rowan

There is a new yarn coming from Rowan for Fall. Chenille.
Rowan Chenille is 100% cotton, soft and yet textured to the touch. This yarn takes cables and textured stitches very well. Available in strong jewel like colours and in a 50 gram ball it is ideal for colour work, mixing with other Rowan core yarns, but equally makes very wearable and warm garments when knitted by itself.
Chenille has received a bad rap in the past because some chenilles worm. That means that strands start sneaking out and it looks like worms hanging off your sweater. I have been assured that this new chenille from Rowan will not worm. In my dealings with chenille in the past, cotton chenille behaves much better than an acrylic chenille.
The yarn is 100% cotton so I would machine wash and dry it. Put the garment in a zippered pillow case  and wash in cold water. I put it in the dryer in the pillow case on low heat for 20-30 minutes. Let the dryer cool down and then go another 20-30 minutes. Keep repeating until the garment is dry. The garment won't shrink but it will go back to it's proper shape.

I haven't talked about the finale of The Amazing Race. I would assume that everyone has watched it by now. In my opinion it was the worst final episode yet. Whoever got out of the airport first won. There was no way to make up time. When Dave and Connor got the number of light bulbs wrong they should have had to do something, not just make another guess. Where was the challenge that required them to go through the season and put things in order? Sorry to rant but I want there to be some skill required to win. I don't think it helped that I didn't want any of the teams in the final to win. My teams were the Globetrotters and the Cowboys.

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