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Friday, May 16, 2014

59 again

And again and again.... Happy Birthday Mom!!! What did mom get for her birthday? A new TV for her bedroom in Myrtle Beach. They had one of those old TVs. At least 15 years old. Huge (and really heavy when dad moved it) but not a big clear picture. Now she has a shiny new 60" (remember, she's a few years past 59 and the sight isn't quite as good) TV for her viewing pleasure. She didn't ask for a TV that big but it isn't good to send me TV shopping.

Kim brought in some of her knitting to show off.

Pattern: Auburn Wave purchased on Ravelry
Yarn: 2 skeins of tosh merino light in wellwater
Needles: 4mm (the pattern says 3.5mm but Kim wanted a looser, longer shawl with more drape)
This curvy crescent shaped shawl is worked sideways, mainly in garter stitch, with a few eyelets rows to keep it interesting.
Both sides look good even if different, and the lace border is very easy to memorize, making it the perfect TV knitting! 
The rolled hem adds a really neat finishing touch.
Once finished this shawl looks like a giant curly wave with foam on top…
It's big and fabulous. I'm thinking colour options right now :)

Pattern: Color Affection purchased on Ravelry
Yarn: Mrs. Crosby Satchel

This is a piece of knitting that Nadine brought in to class last night. The colour is off - it is more purple but it was night and dark out and getting a good picture wasn't possible. The beads are added on the purl row and sit perfectly in the decreases.

This isn't a pattern yet but will be soon. Watch Nadine's Ravelry page.

The yarn is Mrs. Crosby Hat Box. Nadine can't stop raving about it. She pre-strung the beads on her yarn and pulls one up when she needs it. There is absolutely no pilling on the yarn. And if anything would make yarn pill it is the constant friction of moving beads.
I'm home from work and getting ready for the hockey game. I don't know how I'm going to stay awake but the knitting is coming out and I'm going to try.

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