Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Sunday

I was up early this morning - when you go to bed early that happens. There was lots to do today. Beth called me last night from the wedding (I couldn't make myself get dressed up to go) that she was leaving her truck there and getting a ride home. She had a really good time :) We had to drive past Stoney Creek to get it this morning. Then unload the van and truck, quickly count the yarn that was left, update the website, get more ordered and then a nap.

Now it's time to get onto my next project.
My CustomFit cardigan. We leave early Thursday morning for Indianapolis and no one is going to finish it for me. I need to have all the sewing done tonight so that I can start the front bands tomorrow.

Beth and I keep telling ourselves and each other that one more weekend and then we can rest.

I'm trying to talk her into a quick trip to Vegas in a few weeks. She isn't going for it right now. If I can't talk her into that then maybe Myrtle Beach.

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Linda said...

Your booth photos looked amazing. Love the theme - quite brilliant. Couldn't get to the Frolic this year. You've certainly been busy. I enjoy reading your blog.