Sunday, June 23, 2013

TNNA Day Two

When I went to the trade show in January I was by myself which gave me a lot of time for blogging. This trip I am here with Beth and Bev. We've been out for dinner every night and those are long dinners. It's cutting into my time to share with you.

Speaking of TNNA in January - I have started thinking about what I'm going to knit for the show. This amazing cardigan was in the Lorna's Laces booth.
The pattern is called the Queen St. Cardigan. It isn't available yet but should be on Ravelry soon. The yarn is Helen's Lace.

The pattern will also be available in a shorter version with short sleeves.
We have a yarn in the store from Prism called Plume. Laura Bryant (one of the top yarn dyers in the US) has used Plume in two great patterns.

An incredibly soft, luxurious faux fur yarn, hand-dyed Plume is made even more wonderful through our special finishing process. We love it best used as an accent with a flatter yarn, where it has the appearance of real fur. Cuffs, collars, cowls, scarves: Plume will be your new best friend!
Three colours knit lengthwise. I will be making one (or two or three) of these. LOVE IT!!

And if you thought that was cool. Laura took a pair of gloves that she bought and added to them.

Zen Yarn Garden has a new yarn coming for fall. This will be dyed in One of a Kind Colours.

The yarn is very, very soft.
The cowl took less than one skein.
The new Double Wide Circular Case from Namaste.
The case should be in the store sometime in July. Available in 5 colours. Unfortunately I can't remember the 5th colour right now but I'm meeting with Namaste at 9am and will find out.
9am. What was I thinking? I better get to bed. We have a busy morning before heading to the mall.

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Linda in Waterloo said...

Wow- amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing your trip.