Saturday, June 01, 2013


We're getting ready for tomorrow's road trip. Maps are printed (Beth's truck doesn't have GPS) and I think we have the day planned. I even told Beth that I would go see a movie with her tomorrow night. I don't like sitting in a theatre. I get bored and have to get up and go to the washroom or get a drink. But I will sacrifice for her. :)

If I'm going to sit through a movie then I better have knitting with me. The Color Play Mohair Wrap is perfect. I've done a few more rows (instead of working on the Summerspun cardigan) so that I am now working with C and D. It is easier to be pulling from the inside of two balls instead of from the outside and inside of the same ball. And I really wanted to see how the next colour was going to look. :)

A newsletter came in from Churchmouse Yarns this week with a suggestion for the Easy Fold Poncho.

"Even a classic gets better with tweed."
Our Easy Folded Poncho pattern transcends the seasons. It's easy to knit, easy to finish and easy to throw on. In this latest version, we use Rowan Revive to make a lightweight, warm weather garment that is perfect when the sun goes down on a summer day. The tweediness of the recycled fibers of Revive adds interest to the stockinette stitch fabric, and while the silk and viscose maintain drape, the cotton provides weight and structure. With so many colors of Revive, the hardest part of this project might be choosing your shade.
I love tweed yarn and Revive is fabulous. See the shades...   You will need 7 balls for the poncho without a cowl. We have the pattern in the store or you can purchase on Ravelry if you aren't close to us.

The poncho is great 'summer knitting'. If you are sitting in the car on the way to the cottage, watching your kids play soccer or just hanging out by the pool you can work on this. Cast on. Knit one row. Purl one row. Work until a certain length. Cast off. One seam. Easy Peasy! And it looks great.

Susan sent me a funny story yesterday and said that I could share
Had a laugh at your wood glasses.  I bought some really interesting ones a few months ago myself - dark metal frames with wood sides.  I visit people in their homes and had one with this lovely bird that likes to sit on your shoulder.  I thought this was so much fun until I realized the reason he was enjoying sitting on my shoulder so much was because he was chewing the wood in my glasses! Luckily I have long hair so it doesn't show too much..... The moral of this story is to keep them any from anyone, or anything that likes to chew wood!
The last decision before leaving is which Arya bag I am taking. I will show you tomorrow when it is packed an ready to go.

Speaking of Offhand Design bags, I have marked down a few Scotties from past seasons. We need room for the new bags. There is only one each of the sale bags and we can't get anymore of those fabrics so don't wait if you see something that you like.

You can see the bags on our website...

This is Vintage Thunderbolt and only 7 bags were made in this fabric. You won't see anyone at your knitting group carrying the same bag.

Beth and I just ran out for dinner and now she is picking out her truck knitting for tomorrow. We found a cowl but don't have the right size needle. She is going to knit it on one size smaller needle because that is what she has. She told me that I get too hung up on needle size. 'Don't worry. I don't knit tight. It will work. You are way too uptight about knitting.' We'll see how it turns out. Picture tomorrow :)

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