Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Job?

Beth and I had another busy day. And it didn't include knitting. The sleeve should be finished tonight (there are new episodes of Storage Wars) and then then next one will be cast on to work on at the airport.

We stopped to look at flooring for the sun room and confirmed that this is what we are getting. Kurt, the carpenter, will be making the benches this week. The cushions arrived last week. The room will be painted next week and then the flooring can go down.

After dinner we stopped at Home Goods (like Home Sense) and then Michaels. Of course we went through the yarn section.

It's time to start getting the house ready to go. Laundry. Dishes. Packing. It's going to be sad leaving but it will be good to get home to see mom, dad and the dogs and get back to work.

Oh yeah. My new car. We are stopping at the dealership on the way home from the airport. Hopefully it will be there. Beth and I have a small wager. She says not until next week. I hope she's wrong. :)

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