Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday in Columbus

We were up early and off to the show. A few orders were placed, I picked up a few things and we said our goodbyes. Then a trip to Easton Town Centre.

I forgot to get a picture when we were there. A bit of a sugar high. The Cheesecake Factory.

I have about an hour and then we're off to dinner with friends (Trendsetter, Prism and Muench Yarns). Then bed because there is a long day of driving tomorrow.

Barry at Trendsetter knit this bear. UNBELIEVABLE! Beth freaked out and the yarn has been ordered. Lots of off white, brown, beige, another brown and purple. Yes, a purple bear. I collect them. The pattern is from Ravelry and Barry is going to email me the link next week.

I didn't get a picture but there is hand dyed Mink coming from Trendsetter as well. I borrowed this from Trendsetter's website.
Mimi Print
100% Mink
50 grams/skein - 330 yards/skein,
STS/IN NEEDLE: 6sts=1" #4
Before you walk into the trade show there is an area displaying the new products that are being sold at the show.
 Four new colours from Prism. We have them ordered in Stuff, Plume and Saki (sock yarn).
Soakboxes. We have the bottom box, Grape Gatsby and the top box, Cinnamon Kane will be coming later in the summer.

I'm currently wearing the nail polish that comes in Grape Gatsby. The colour is fabulous and so far the polish is wearing well.

New colours from Dream in Color. We have many of them on order in both Everlasting Sock and Smooshy with Cashmere.

It's time to get ready for dinner. We eat at the same restaurant every Monday of the show. For some reason they put us at the back of the room. Could be the noise. :)

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