Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Made it Home

I've tried writing my post many times and keep erasing it. It's been a long day. 

Beth had a suggestion. Lessons from our flight home. #1 - Listen to the flight attendants when they are talking. There was a lady who talked very loud every time the attendants were giving instructions and then she totally went against everything they said. When they asked her not to do something (like move around while the plane was leaving the gate) she got quite irate. I think I would have had the plane taxi back to the airport and have them reopen the doors to throw her off the flight. #2 - From the same lady. Your dog might not want to fly. Her dog barked, cried and growled for 2 hours. Not nice on a flight.

There is a new terminal at the airport in Myrtle Beach. Lots of windows. Many charging stations for phones and computers. Very pleasant to fly from.
I did a bit of knitting on the flight home. Sleeve #2 is growing. No questions were asked about my needles at security. I started knitting the minute we were seated on the plane and no one blinked an eye. They even let me knit during take off and landing.
There should be lots of knitting over the weekend as I watch golf-the US Open. TV coverage starts at 9am tomorrow and Friday. I'm going to use the excuse that I must knit to get my cardigan done so I might as well watch while knitting. :)

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Lois Evensen said...

Just LOVE those charging stations!