Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm Sewing

Mom and dad are on their way home from Myrtle Beach. The ETA is 7-8pm. Thank goodness. There are many, many boxes in the back yard that I need dad to get rid of. Thanks in advance dad. :)
Mr. Canada Post brought in the last two boxes of madelinetosh today.

dk in fragrant and grenadine
merino light in steamer trunk

merino dk in cathedral

Kim and I compared our Color Play Mohair Wraps this morning. We are using the same colours in a different order. You could make four shawls with the same four colours and each would be unique. My shawl is packed in case there is time to knit on the weekend. Not likely but just in case.

I'm sewing!
One sleeve is in and the two side seams are started. It is going to be a long evening.

Mom and dad made it home safely. I have the yarn bowls in my garage and will be bringing them to work with me on Wednesday. No car yet. Hopefully it's here when I get home Tuesday night. Now I need to sew. I'll write from Columbus and promise lots of pictures.

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