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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Hello from Myrtle

It's a good thing that I did my post from the airport yesterday because the internet wasn't working in our house when we got here. The company is HTC and they are awesome. 24 hour tech support. Not call back in the morning because we are closed-there are a few companies at home who could learn from this. We couldn't get it going last night so I picked up a new modem this morning and we're back online. It's amazing how much you miss the internet when you don't have it.

Here are a few pictures for mom and dad from their house. They haven't been here for months. Now they can feel like they are here.

We were up early and had breakfast out at Cracker Barrel before going to the mall. Now we are having a few minutes of rest before heading to the golf course. No rain today. Just hot and humid. Myrtle Beach in June-we're not complaining.

It's much later in the day. Beth won but I played pretty good for my second round of the year.
 There was lots of sand on the course and I played in it on many holes.

One small problem. It was cart paths only. In Myrtle Beach you are required to take a cart at most courses. The weather is way too hot in the summer for people to walk. There is also long distances from the green to the next tee. There was a lot of walking today (I'm not very good at hitting the ball near the cart path) so I'm beat. After golf we had dinner at Fuddruckers. Then a trip to Barnes and Noble and now some rest. It might rain tomorrow but if it doesn't we will be out hitting a little white ball.

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Oneday Designs said...

Wish I was there - love Myrtle Beach