Monday, June 03, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad

Beth and I made it home in time to take cake and ice cream to my parents. It's my dad's 51st birthday today. :) Most days he acts like a 5 year old. No one can say that my dad doesn't enjoy life. You might have met him in the store. Grey haired gentleman. Always complaining that he can't find anyone to knit him socks. That's my dad!!

It was an interesting start to the day. We had to take Beth's truck to the Ford dealership before starting our trek home. We know nothing about cars but noticed that something was dragging on the ground under her truck.

Dean Sellers Ford was near our hotel and we were there at 8am. I parked outside and Beth went in. She came out and told me to drive in.
You park inside. So cool!! No walking in the rain or snow. Then you walk up to the desk and they get all your information. My Ford dealership doesn't have this. Maybe when they remodel. :)

Beth recently had her oil changed and they didn't tighten screws properly. We were fixed and out of there in 10 minutes. Then breakfast.
Take a look at the name on the sign. Not what we call it in Canada. Beth laughed at me taking a picture because I take one at every Tim Horton's we stop at in the US.
Timbits we haven't seen in Canada yet.
It looks like a bakery with the cookies, muffins and danishes out on platters.

We power shopped before hitting the road home at noon. No wait at the border which is always good and we were at the Zen Yarn Garden studio at 2pm. My yarn looks awesome!

We had a great trip! There was only one really embarrassing moment. We went back to California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) for dinner last night. We like it that much. Beth ordered a beer with her dinner. No she doesn't have a drinking problem. :) She only drank half of it and according to her American beer isn't as strong as Canadian beer. I don't drink beer so I don't know the validity of that statement but she is convinced. Sorry, back to my story. Our waiter didn't bring out the beer but our waitress from lunch did. She squealed and said, in a very loud voice in a very packed restaurant, 'You're back again'. Okay. We ducked our heads and explained that we are from Canada and don't have CPK. When we are near one we try to make sure we get our fill. Our food came out and the manager stopped by to make sure everything was okay. He started to walk away and then in an even louder voice said 'You must have enjoyed your lunch because you're back.' Seriously.

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