Wednesday, June 05, 2013


One of my favourite designers is Laura Aylor. I've knit All the Shades of Truth (twice) and we have Derecho and Shalimar hanging in the store. Who knew that she had a series of vests? I thought that they were new but she did them at the beginning of 2012.

Meet Aileen
A slightly fitted vest knit in one piece from the bottom up with armbands and collar picked up.
This pattern uses short rows and the three-needle bind off for the shoulders. You will need to know how to pick up wraps for short rows and how to pick up stitches.
I love the square neck. Lynda did a great job knitting her.

Pattern: Aileen (purchased on Ravelry)

Yarn: Zara from Filatura di Crosa - 100% machine washable merino wool from Italy

The sizes go from XS-XL and you need 7-11 balls of Zara.
I was wearing my silk scarf today and thought I would try it on Aileen. Fabulous. Think of some of your hand knit scarves/shawls with her.

The Color Play Mohair Wrap would be awesome!

Or Windward
Or Hitchhiker

And how about the Honey Cowl?

The store should be totally in order for Cathy. I'm heading to Myrtle Beach on Friday for a few days. Maybe. They are calling for bad rain on Friday with the possibility of tornadoes. I have a feeling our plane won't fly into a tornado. Then it calls for the chance (good chance) of rain for the rest of my time there.

The Summerspun cardigan is growing. Thank goodness because now I really, really want it done. Jennifer came in today wearing her Window to my Soul. It is so beautiful. Jennifer used Fino from Manos del Uruguay. I'm thinking of tosh merino light.

This is whiskey barrel.

Jennifer suggested a lighter colour because it is short sleeve and more of a summer top but I would wear it in the winter with a long sleeved shirt underneath.

Or night bloom? It is so confusing. There are so many colours I would love.

Speaking of madelinetosh-there is a shipment on the way to us with vintage, dk, merino dk, merino light and sock.

It's knitting time. The season finale of Elementary (I love that show-it is going to be hard waiting for season 2) then Master Chef and American Baking Competition.

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I like night bloom. Liker color.