Friday, May 31, 2013


Liberty-a new fabric scarf yarn from Estelle Designs.

The fabric changes colour for a really neat look. Yes, those are little bunches of flowers printed on the fabric.

One ball, $20 each, will make a scarf. Remember, if you are using a fabric yarn, wrap it around a paper towel tube before you start knitting. This will make your life much easier. Trust me.

Yesterday afternoon I had a great talk with Phyllis. She lives in the Yukon and has been a customer for 25 years. We've never met in person but every few months I send her yarn. There isn't a lot available locally for her. She mentioned a blocking board that she mail ordered. She swears by it. Her suggestion is one or two large and you can lay out lots of garments. The website says that it is water resistant and is good for blocking and Phyllis totally agrees. She says that it never feels wet even when you put a soaking wet garment on it.

Take a look..

Earlier today I received an email from Hanley's Eyewear Boutique to tell me about some new frames that they received. These are awesome. The store wasn't busy so I closed for 10 minutes to run down and take a look.
Acetate frame front, with WOOD temples! Every frame is individual, unique, and one of a kind.Customize exactly what you desire. Hand made in the USA.So cool, hip, and earthy!
It comes in:
2 shapes: wayfair or round
2 sizes: small or large
2 finishes: matte or shiny (we LOVE the matte, very unique)
5 frame front colours: black, tort, clear, mint, navy (we are loving the MINT)
5 different temples: barnwood, maple, oak, delta blues, 12 meter (we are loving the BARNWOOD)
They can either be made up as optical or sunglasses (polarized)
I didn't get a pair. Yet. :) Since I grew up in construction I think that I should have glasses made with wood. Maybe sunglasses??

One heck of a storm just went through Ancaster. Black skies. Wind. Rain. Wind. Thunder. Lightening. Thankfully it is slowing down.

I had high hopes of knitting lots today and getting the front of my Summerspun cardigan done. That didn't happen so maybe tonight. Last night I didn't get much knitting done either. My shoulder was killing me. Before work I started cleaning the hardwood floors at home. They were in need of it big time. Then I washed the floors in the store. After work I did a bit more of the hardwood. Moral of the story-don't wash the floors. :)


Anonymous said...

Can you share the website from which the blocking boards/mats were ordered from?

Julie said...

Here is the link

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE those frames!!