Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Teaser

More details coming later this week. :)

There are many great resources available now for learning knitting techniques. Classes. Books. YouTube videos. Craftsy. And now a new source. Annie's. The company has been in business for many years and now they have online classes. I haven't taken a course with Annie's but our friend Kate Atherley is teaching for them. Knowing Kate she was very diligent (and I mean that in the highest form of praise) before signing up to work with them. If she likes them then I am comfortable suggesting that you to take a look.
Give yourself a new creative outlet with help from Annie's Online Classes, video craft classes taught by leading experts in each craft category. Your knowledge of crafts like crochet, knitting, sewing, quilting, card making, machine embroidery, beading and more will grow as you explore techniques and create fantastic projects. In no time at all, you'll be on your way to knitting socks, enjoying the relaxing rhythm of Tunisian crochet, quilting using your at-home sewing machine, practicing a variety of coloring techniques and much more.
You're sure to find a video craft class to teach you something new. Each video is delivered to you in minutes, and you can watch at your convenience -- no more trying to find a craft class to fit your busy schedule. You can learn at your pace and in your own time. Watch, pause and watch again as you follow along and practice the sample patterns included in each craft class.
Magic Socks-Knit 2 socks in 1. Some of you have been lucky enough to take the course in the store with Kate. Others of you don't live close enough to enjoy Kate in person but now you can have her on your computer.
Now you can learn an amazing technique in which you will knit two socks at the same time on the same set of needles, one inside the other! It's called "double knitting," and you'll love learning this valuable knitting skill. Join expert Kate Atherley as she clearly explains and demonstrates this seemingly magical technique step-by-step using two different colors of yarn so you can see exactly how to knit each separate sock on the same needles. Instructions are given for double-point needles, magic loop and circular needles.

We sat upstairs for most of the afternoon watching the Indy 500 and knitting. Yes, both of us were knitting. Beth has started a sweater-the back is half done. A big move from hats, cowls and monsters. She decided to go for a nap after the race and I thought about lying down too but my fingers want to knit. The back of my Summerspun cardigan is done and I want need to continue on with the front. Small problem. It's upstairs and I'm downstairs. I could go get it but Roko and Melo will hear me and coming running making noise. That will wake Beth. She won't really mind but she could be grumpy. And she just made Rice Krispies Squares (at my request) so I shouldn't interrupt her nap. What to do? Pick up another project. My Color Play Mohair Wrap wins. 
This afternoon I walked outside and there was a surprise in the front garden. New flowers. The pretty colours in the bottom of the picture. The tulips are from our previous neighbour. Thank you for neighbours who likes to play in the dirt. I love the look of flowers but don't have the time, patience or knowledge to plant anything. My grandmother was amazing with plants but I didn't inherit that gene. I'm pretty happy I got the knitting gene from her instead.


Julie Ann said...

I want that Soak Kit and colourway, Julie. What is it?

Colleen said...

I loved Kate's class. I am inspired to take more! Thanks for offering them and I am definately interested in the August ones.