Sunday, May 19, 2013


A week ago I sent an email to Namaste and asked if they were going to have anything new at TNNA. They told me a little secret that I couldn't share but there are pictures on the Namaste Facebook page now so I'm going to spill.
Oh Snap! pouches in pretty new colours.
A divinely simple way to keep your stuff in its right place- the Oh Snap! pouches come in a set of 3 to bring the Zen back to your life (and your handbag). Whether you're a tidy two-shoes or a messy marvin, Oh Snap! keeps it all together for you. Customized Namaste snaps, carefully crafted mesh pouches, it's effortless organization- Oh Snap! 
Beth finished a hat on Friday night which meant more blocking. There has been a lot of that happening in my house lately. So much that I finished off my bottle of Yuzu. I have written about blocking before but in case you missed it here it is again.
Soak is modern care for fine fibers. This rinse-free formulation is perfect for washing your laciest lingerie, your softest sweaters, swimwear, workout gear, hand-made quilts and even baby clothes. Soak is gentle and deliciously scented with fabric-friendly ingredients that revitalize fibers so they look great and last longer.  
Full of tart citrus + crushed eucalyptus, you're sure to love Yuzu-the newest scent.
I start filling the sink (or bathtub for a large project) with cold water and add some Soak - one squirt which is roughly a tablespoon. I put in my shawl, cowl, sweater... and let it soak for 15 minutes. Then I take it out and roll it in a towel to get out the excess water. You don't rinse out the Soak. Then I lay my project out to dry. If the project is a lace scarf or shawl then I stretch it out to the required dimensions and pin or use my blocking wires. If you have finished a garment that is a bit too small you can add width or length when you lay it out.

It's really easy and doesn't take much time. You will notice a difference in your finished project because the stitches will lay flatter and more even. And there is a nice scent if you choose. Soak is available in Scentless for those who have an aversion to scents.

Soak is great for your lingerie and swim wear as well. We all know that these garments are not cheap and we want them to last as long as possible. Soak helps with that.

If you aren't near us to buy Soak, you can find a list of retailers here. If you haven't tried Soak I would suggest getting a small bottle and I'm fairly sure you will come back and tell me that you like it.

My Summerspun cardigan is growing. The back is about 1/3 of the way done.
One front is at this length as well. There should be lots of knitting this afternoon. Unless a nap gets in the way. 

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