Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Racing Raindrops Scarf

My main knitting right now is the Summerspun cardigan but there isn't much to show. It looks the same (a bit longer) than the picture I showed last week. Here is my second Color Play Mohair Wrap so far.
The wrap is really addictive. REALLY! I'm already planning colours for my third one.

Churchmouse Yarns sent out an email yesterday with a free scarf pattern.

The pattern was designed for the 2013 LYS Tour that is held in Seattle.
"Simple texture and soft lace-weight drape."
When Karen brought the beginnings of this scarf to our design team, we all agreed the little beads looked like raindrops. Once the scarf is on, the beads almost look like they're chasing each other around, even while they add a bit of weight to the soft drape of this lace-weight scarf. Do you know the A A Milne poem, Waiting at the Window? It reads in part: "These are my two drops of rain / Waiting on the window-pane. I am waiting here to see / Which the winning one will be.... All the best and all the worst / Comes from which of them is first." A whimsical poem for a sweet accessory!
Rowan Fine Lace knits up into wonderfully soft and light-weight pieces, and this scarf is no exception. We think you'll enjoy the easy to memorize texture repeat and the simple sideways construction. Once blocked, the scarf is just the right size to wear multiple ways, with long ties to knot, drape, or to pin.
The pattern is free. You can get the pattern by going to the Churchmouse website and adding the free PDF to your cart. Check out (it's free) and then you will receive an email with a link to the pattern.

After writing about Rowan Fine Lace I took a look at our stock and we are really low. There will be more colours coming next week.

A big box of Opal sock yarn arrived this morning. We have been busy moving other yarns around so I just got it unpacked. This colour is amazing!!
The other colours in the box were great as well.

These are from a new collection called Handwork and Hobby.
Above is knitting.
Below is design.

This is confectioner.

And a few pictures of the rearranging.
 Misti Chunky-100% Alpaca. There is lots of room for the new colours coming later in the summer.
Silk Garden is in it's new home. Arranged in numerical order. Silk Garden and Kureyon are the two yarns that don't live with yarns that are the same thickness. They couldn't fit in the worsted/aran room so they live in the chunky room. It was the only way to make everything fit. If only I could talk my dad into making the store bigger. :)

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