Saturday, May 04, 2013

Noro Magazine

It's coming in June. A new magazine from Noro.

Knit in Taiyo Lace
Knit in Silk Garden Sock

June 4th it should be hitting news stands and landing in yarn shops.
Knit in Takeuma. I don't carry this yarn but have this colour on order. I love it!

It's 8:30 and I'm already in the store. Kate is teaching today and I needed to get the teaching room in order.

There have been many texts and phone calls going between here and Myrtle Beach. The propane is out in our house. Unlike Canada, in Myrtle Beach you have your own propane tank buried in your back yard. We haven't thought anything of it. It was filled when we bought the house and then no one considered that it might need to be filled again. The people staying in our house called last night that they couldn't get hot water. We thought it was the water heater. This morning no gas in the stove. Now we know the problem. Fortunately we have Nancy in Myrtle Beach. She is our landscaper as well as the go to person if you need something done. I couldn't get in touch with the propane company but she got them and they are delivering today.

Kate's class is in session. The War and Peace Method-two socks at once. Not two socks on two circular needles but one sock inside the other. Very cool!

A sock within a sock. At the beginning it scares students but once they get going it becomes easier and easier.
Julie Ann always comes wearing the best knit garments.
Pattern: Lilas Cardigan (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: tosh vintage in cathedral
It is knit from the top down in one piece and requires no seaming at the end. Its big, floppy collar and relaxed style make for a chic and versatile piece that looks fantastic layered with long sleeves or over tanks and dresses. Quick and simple, this is a great sweater for beginning knitters.
This is in my pattern library and when I saw her in it I printed the pattern and started playing with colours. What a cute little jacket to wear when going out to dinner. It might be warm outside but I always freeze in restaurants because they have the air conditioning cranked.

Could be tosh vintage or tosh pashmina worsted. Could be whiskey barrel or wicked. Could be.......

Beth and I are going on a road trip tonight. No knitting but we will have fun. It's too nice to stay inside.

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