Wednesday, May 01, 2013

It's growing

Not fast enough but the Color Play Mohair Wrap is getting bigger.

I took this before coming to work this morning.
And this picture was taken before leaving work. Not a lot done but Kim and I did get the store in order. All the mannequins are dressed. All the boxes are emptied. The yarn has been counted and the website will be updated tomorrow.
I thought I would have gotten further last night but two hockey games in overtime at the same time isn't conducive to knitting. Plus the Jays trying to blow the game. I was very busy working the TV converter.

The dogs had a big day. Beth took them to the dog park and they were in heaven. They ran and ran but  when Beth called they came back to her. For their good behaviour they get to go back. We knew Melo would be good but Roko was a worry. He likes to bully Melo and take his toys so we thought it might do it to other dogs but he didn't really look at them.

What a beautiful day. I seriously thought about closing the store for the afternoon. :) Just joking. Just a bit.

It's 6:55. Dinner is done and the TV is on CBC. It's hockey time. And baseball time so I have the converter set up to switch between the two channels. Then another game starts at 7:30. Mayhem!!

Tonight is a big night on Survivor. Two tribal councils. Will Reynold make it through another show? I didn't like him at the beginning but now I want him to win.

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