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Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Victoria Day

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather.

Poor Melo had a very bad night last night. His thunder coat helps when there is bad weather but it doesn't help with fireworks. They went off around our house from 7pm-1:30am. There is no consoling him. I hope tonight is better. It also meant not much knitting because he had to sit in my lap.

This morning I have been working in the garage. It needs to be cleaned out so that the mustang can live in there. There was some good finds-old Rowan patterns.
At least 20 years ago Rowan had a yarn called Bright Tweed. Chunky weight which was great. The patterns were photographed in black and white which was interesting. Many knitters are influenced by the colour in the picture and this way knitters picked the colour they liked not what the model was wearing.

I even found a skein of Bright Tweed.
Rowan Denim. I have/had at least 5 sweaters from this book.
Beth has gone golfing, the dogs are visiting their grandparents and I have the house to myself. There could be a knitting marathon happening.


Irene said...

Poor Milo, I know of what you speak, I usually have one on my lap, and the other between my legs. Happy knitting.

Julie Ann said...

Firework nights are difficult here too, Julie...probably more tonight!. Do the Thunder coats come in extra small?. Storms can be an all nighter!