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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all the mothers reading this are having a great day. And that your children have spoiled you!

We took my mom a cake and flowers last night. She got her big gift last week. Beth and I bought her patio furniture (which she didn't even use today because we have had rain, hail and a touch of snow). We are in the good books :)

Here is the start of my next Color Play Mohair Wrap
The first 9" are finished. The next 9" is a double strand of the ball showing. It's been put away for the rest of the day because I have to get my Summerspun cardigan done. I need it for the end of June and all of a sudden it is the middle of May. Yikes. 

Beth has been busy knitting as well. Here is her latest cowl. She is using a brand new yarn coming for fall from Naturally which is a blend of wool and possum. It is so soft and as you knit it the yarn becomes softer. 
The yarn is a dk weight and I'm already searching Ravelry for patterns. I will be making a cardigan in the dark grey that she is using. Planning my September project already. My mom always said to be prepared. :)

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Candice said...

Julie, a friend brought me back a skein of handpainted merino and possum yarn from Australia and I agree with you, It is amazing stuff. Wound into a cake it felt a bit "phony', synthetic. But knitted up ( I'm making the Henslowe shawl ) it becomes a thing of beauty. Very soft and dense and it almost has a bit of a halo effect. Lovely yarn for a cozy something.