Monday, May 13, 2013

Gotta Have it Green

Happy Monday. Here are a few free patterns for you.

Clem - a free pattern from Berroco knit in Karma.
Worked in an easy ribbed stitch, this long-sleeved cardigan with a deep v-neck is perfect for layering.
Download the pattern... 
Dyed in a range of softly shaded hues, the intriguing mesh construction of this machine washable cotton tape gives it an airy quality. 
See the shades...

Our asymetrical short sleeve cardi is a perfect spring and summer staple for your wardrobe.
The cardigan was originally knit in Linen Jeans which is now discontinued but the pattern has been rewritten for Linsey.

Download the pattern... 
Available in solid colors as well as gently shifting multicolor shades, Linsey is an ultra soft yarn for summer. Cool, comfortable and colored in the sun-weathered shades of summertime, this yarn is eminently wearable.
See the shades...

It's a happy day in my world because I'm going to visit Trish at Maddison Avenue.

I'm home now from a day of running around. After my hair I came home and cleaned out my Edge. The lease is up and it was going back this week. I took it to Suds and to have it washed inside and out.

Their car wash makes pretty coloured soap.

It is so clean inside that I thought about keeping it.

Then I stopped at the dealership (Mohawk Ford on Upper James - I have been buying cars there for almost 30 years) to arrange picking up my new Edge. We decided on Thursday and then went to see the car. Something caught my eye from the showroom window. A red mustang convertible.

I called Beth and she came to see.

I didn't end up with the red mustang. This is what I ordered. Gotta Have it Green.

It's pretty close to an Edge.  :)

It should be here in 4-5 weeks. They will have the actual date by the end of the week. I want it now. Okay, not today because it is way too cold to drive with the top down but later this week when it gets warm out. I forgot how much I miss having a convertible.

Beth has promised to drive it weekly to make sure it gets it's exercise. My dad also said that he will take one for the team and drive it too.

Beth is rushing to get her cowl done so that she can start a hat this evening. I have been scrambling to find her a 5mm, 80cm-100cm circular needle so that she can magic loop. It is hard to believe but I don't have one. OK. I might have one but can't find it in the mess of needles. It might be her job on the weekend to put my needles in order. If she wants to use them it sounds like a fair trade off.

The second period is just starting so I need to sign off and pay attention.


Linda in Waterloo said...

Get outta town! What a car!! We are just back from AZ and saw many people enjoying riding in and driving these cars, but didn't see one in this green. Congrats! I'm sure the boys will love it...

life ldc said...

You'll get a lot of yarn in there Julie...good choice - :)

Dayana Knits said...


Anonymous said...

Great choice in Mustang and colour. I factory ordered my Gotta Have It Green Mustang last June and received it in August. It is the coolest car ever and you are going to get noticed. Wait until you see the pony projected on the ground when it is dark out and you go to unlock the doors. I'm all the way across the GTA and there are 3 others out my way but they have stripes while mine is plain and awesome. Rosie