Thursday, May 16, 2013

Color Play times 3

It's been an early start to the day. We were up at 5am so that Beth and dad could head to North Bay. There was no sense trying to sleep while she and the dogs were up.

My wrap was dry so I sewed in the ends (while watching an episode of Elementary) and then took pictures in different locations at home. This is over the fence at my neighbours. I had to go quick before their dogs saw me because they bark like crazy and it was 7am. Didn't want to wake the neighbourhood.
It is amazing how different the colours look in different light. 
In our front garden where the sun isn't shining yet. The flowers are starting to bloom which makes it feel like summer.
On my back fence.
I did a few rows on my Summerspun cardigan and then started my blog post.

We received Fino from Manos del Uruguay a few weeks ago and I keep looking at the beautiful colours.
Elegant and refined, Fino combines the softness of merino wool with the lustre of silk in a lightweight yarn that’s perfect for heirloom accessories or luxurious garments. Fino features a new dye process that yields complex, subtle, tonal colors.
70% extrafine merino wool, 30% silk
approx. 490 yds / 450 mts per 3.5 oz / 100 g

You can see the shades on my suppliers website...

I'm bringing this up today because I just saw some great patterns on Ravelry that use one skein of Fino

Eternidad Scarf 
Pluma Shawlette
Fino Circle Scarf
Martine Hat

And the best part-all the patterns are free.

I didn't get to work until 8:30. Sometimes when you have too much time to get ready you go at a slow pace which I did this morning. Now I've been trying to figure out if the yarn is going to fit how I envisioned it. So far it isn't but I'm going to look at it again when I'm done writing. Maybe it will magically work now.

It's later in the day and Anne just left. She came in to see the Rowan Fine Art. If you haven't visited Anne's blog I suggest that you take a look. Life LackaDaisiCal... Anne is what I would call a Rowan fanatic - and that isn't a bad thing. She been in love with Rowan since she saw her first Rowan magazine.

While she was here we got talking about blogging and I asked how she got her cool pictures. She told me a neat trick on my mac. Now I can make neat pictures too. Thanks Anne.
Mr. Canada Post brought in a parcel from my knitter Ann. Two more Color Play Mohair Wraps. I have a few pictures for you but watch Anne's blog because she took some pictures too.
They are beautiful.
I will show more pictures tomorrow. It's 8pm now which means the day has been long and I'm a bit tired. I want to make some fun pictures but my body says it wants to relax. Kim and I got a lot of yarn moved today. It's not working how I wanted so we are improvising and I think it will great when done.

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