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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Color Play Mohair Wrap

I just finished casting off the Color Play Mohair Wrap. The ends need to be sewn in and I will be blocking it tomorrow.

There was a small panic attack as I was knitting last night. I'm merrily knitting and then I remembered that I had to finish with 10 rows of moss stitch. Did I go too far?? Did I have enough yarn to finish?

When I was finished with the cast off I had this much left. OOPS. Cutting it a bit close.

Then I had another panic attack at work. The Wrap is cast off and I totally forgot to bring other knitting with me. Beth to the rescue with 4 more balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe so that I can start another one in different colours. Why didn't I just take new yarn off the shelf and replace it next week? There is a ball at home that I started something else with that I'm going to use. I want to start and end with that colour so I needed my bag.

Someone asked me today what my favourite yarn is. Usually it is what I am currently knitting with. I like a lot of yarns. :) Then I started to download the next pictures and I remembered that Liberty Wool Prints from Classic Elite is very near the top of my list.

Two new colours of Liberty arrived on Friday
7829 Floral Hallucination
7830 Sugar Spun

Another Inspira Cowl??

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