Friday, May 24, 2013

Christel Seyfarth

Jane stopped in early today with a scarf for me. Everyone has been asking where she is because she hasn't been in the store for a while. She has been traveling with her husband. They came home for a week or so and then back on the road. Life with a motor home. Can't blame her. Sounds like fun!!

The Linen Stitch scarf knit in one skein of Everlasting Sock from Dream in Color. The colours came out great and it really looks like it is woven.

Kate Atherley is coming to teach tomorrow so I spent a few minutes tidying the teaching room this afternoon. I found my Malthese Shawl.
 I would like to say that Kim offered to model for me but I kind of made her.
It hasn't been photographed on a human before. I love the colours. Now I want to get back to Myrtle Beach because there is another Christel Seyfarth kit in my closet there to knit.
There are two Christel Seyfarth kits on the way from the US. Actually three but one is for Kim. We are getting the Flora Shawl
and the Lily Shawl. I don't know which colour we are getting for Lily. I guess it will be a surprise next week.

These shawls are knit on circular needles in the round and when done cut open-known as steeking. It sounds terrifying but it isn't.

Here are a few blog posts to visit that talk about steeking and how easy it really is
Kate Davies-steeks 1
Kate Davies-steeks 2
Eunny Jang

I've steeked two cardigans and my shawl. None of them have unraveled. It really does work.

I received an email from madelinetosh yesterday. More yarn should be heading to us soon.

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There hasn't been any knitting so far today. Kim and I have the store to what I'm going to say is almost done. There are a few yarns still in baskets that need to be put away but I must say it does look good.

I bought the season of Chicago Hope today so there will be some heavy duty knitting tonight while we start the series. I think I have a couple of rows and then the armholes start. Can I finish the back this weekend??

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