Friday, May 03, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Flowers in the front garden make it feel like summer is finally coming.

I have written many posts today and keep scrapping them. Hopefully I finally write something that I like.

If all else fails show lots of pictures. :)

Mr. UPS brought in a box of Rowan magazines this afternoon.
The first ever Rowan Mini Collection contains six designs by Marie Wallin selected from the Rowan archive and re-knitted using our fabulous Kidsilk Haze Stripe. 

I'm busy baking cookies while writing. The house smells good! Kate Atherley is teaching in the store tomorrow and we want her to keep coming back so we ply her with fresh chocolate chip cookies. It seems to work because she has already agreed to more dates-news on that in a future post.

The wrap is just over 32" long. Almost half way. 
Two hockey games. One baseball game. Fashion Star is taping. Cookies are out of the oven. Of course I tried one. Can't serve Kate bad cookies. :) It's knitting time.

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