Saturday, March 23, 2013

Golf is cheaper than shopping

Beth and I were up early and at Cracker Barrel before 8:30 for breakfast. There wasn't any rain yet but by the time breakfast was finished it had moved in. It hasn't stopped all day. What to do?? Shopping of course.

The first stop was the flooring store to look at tile for the sun room. I mentioned last week that I wanted hardwood and Sara commented that you can buy porcelain tile that looks like hardwood. We found it. 
 It is awesome.
It would have been much cheaper to go golfing. We stopped at the local quilt shop and I got a few more Kaffe Fassett fabrics. One is perfect for the quilt that I am doing and three more for stash. I didn't have any casual, kick around kind of running shows so a trip to Payless and I have two pairs of Cons. Very cute colours. 

We were walking through the mall and came upon this.

The kids are harnessed in and bounce up and down. Many had done it before and were doing somersaults. Beth was very jealous and commented "It sucks to be old. I would love to be a kid and do that!!" What a great thing at the mall. Dad can keep the kids busy and mom can shop in peace.

Did I say that golfing is cheaper than shopping? There is a pile of stuff at my front door to go to mom and dad's house because it won't fit in the suitcase.

I'm going to sit and knit for a bit and then we are heading out to Murrell's Inlet for dinner. The original River City Cafe. Amazing burgers and fries. Beth is still holding out that the rain will stop and we can play 9 holes of golf but I think she is dreaming.

Here is the knitting that I did on the plane. It wasn't easy. They crammed as many rows into the plane as possible and you were almost touching the seat in front of you. There was no way to read a newspaper. 

I'm happy that I decided on the Summerspun. The colours are great.

We just talked to my dad and he said it is a beautiful day at home. Can you send it this way overnight? Please!


Linda said...

Lucky, lucky you. Murrell's Inlet is lovely.

Julie Ann said...

We had burgers at River City Cafe today too Julie! We missed you!! We shopped at Steinmart for a megashop and then went for lunch. Following that we went to the Tangers Mall...mega shopping here for sure (lots of purple for my dog sitter)! I'm knitting my second Honey Cowl and my first Windward on our trip...have to keep knitting.Fresh shrimp from Murrell's Inlet for dinner! Hoping to golf tomorrow. Red sky at night and all that!! Have fun!
Julie Ann

Oneday Designs said...

Rain or no rain, Myrtle Beach is still a better place to be. The mall pics look so familiar. Been there and done that!!