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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Boxes of Fun

Mr. Canada Post brought in 2 boxes of fun this morning.

The first was patterns from BrooklynTweed

Men's and women's Icelandic Pullovers

Knit in worsted weight yarn on circular needles. You have many yarn options
-Berroco Ultra Alpaca
-Tosh Vintage
-Cascade 220

Boardwalk-Layering top with mitred neck detail

Lynn and Sarah are knitting this to wear to the Knitter's Frolic-both are using tosh merino light.

Knit in fingering weight yarn on circular needles.

2-Way Waffle Rib Cardigan

Knit in worsted weight yarn

Twisted Rib Turtleneck

Knit in worsted weight yarn.

There are more patterns in the box. Pictures tomorrow.

The other box was from Mountain Colors. It is hard to write their name without the 'u' in colours.

There are new colours of Bearfoot sock yarn-Harmony Aspen (greens), Harmony Dusk (blues with a touch of green), Harmony Storm (purples and greys) and Harmony Sunset (reds and oranges)
Our soft, strong, and washable yarn. Perfect for socks and great for other projects. 60% superwash wool, 25% mohair, 15% nylon.
And three kits for Plum Perfect from the Knit Swirl book. Here is the description of the jacket from Ravelry. The original pattern was knit in purple-see the picture here.
Tucked within the folds of this velvety soft jacket lie narrow bands of jewel toned, hand painted yarn. Their opulence is rivaled by the deep, resonant plum color that takes center stage. Not to be outdone, the jewel tones make a concluding statement in the tufts that adorn the back of the slender collar.
Semi-fitted, sleekly tapered and mid-length when worn in the usual manner, this design can also be worn upside down and fastened to create a waist length jacket with a gently gathered shawl collar of dramatic proportion. Plum Perfect is perfectly luscious either way.
I took pictures of the kits but I don't like them so we are going to try again tomorrow. I would like to go outside but we are having snow squalls right now. Where is the snow coming from??

I didn't make it thought Hell's Kitchen last night. I'm not sure all the people who come on the show are actually chefs-Beth says they come from central casting. How can you be a chef and not be able to cook a signature dish? You must have something that you make really well. I think that Gordon would rather you make a simple dish really well than a hard dish that is undercooked and tastes awful.

Survivor tonight. I hope we have lots of fighting. It makes for a good hour of TV.

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Lois Evensen said...

I really like those first two sweaters!